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Termending and Half yearly examinations
Term ending and Half yearly examinations for classes III to XI will commence from 06.10.2017 and continue till 16.10.2017

TC and DC counts and other transfer details
TC and DC counts and other transfer details has been uploaded on the KVS(HQ)website . All the teaching and non teaching staff members are informed to check the same and let this office know about any discrepancy , if any. Report for the same to be sent to RO(Chd.)today itself.

Punctuality of the students
All the respected parents are requested to help their wards to be punctual, helping the administration to maintain discipline for the successful outcome of the teaching learning process,thereby.

Selection Tests for class XII
Selection Tests for class XII to commence from 13 Sep.2017 and will continue till 22Sep.2017

Visiting hours for Parents and Visitors
All the parents and visitors are requested to follow the vidyalayas' visiting hours time (10.30AM to 11.30AM) to visit the vidyalaya.

Teachers' Day celebrations
Vidyalaya is going to celebrate the Teachers' day on 05.09.2017 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvapelli Radhakrishnan's . In lieu of this celebration classes from I to XI will remain suspended after lunch.

Organising Social science Exhibition-Cluster Level on 07.09.2017
Vidyalaya will organise Social science Exhibition-Cluster Level on 07.09.2017.In lieu of this all classe from I to XII weill remain suspended.

Autumn break
Vidylaya will observe autumn break (10 Days holidays) w.e.f. 26.09.2017 to 05.09.2017.Office work will continue.

international Day of Peace
international Day of Peace was celebrated in the vidylaya on 21.09.2017 in which Scout gude students of the vidyalaya participated.Activites like football match,Drawing Competition,essay writing,yoga exercises etc.were conducted.moreover students were detailed about the significance of the day to promote non violence and peace in the society.

Preparing for HY examinations-2017-18
All the parents are hereby informed to help / guide their wards to prepare well for the forthcoming HY examinations-2017-18 commencing from 06.09.2017 after Autumn Break Holidays.

Holiday on
Vidyalaya will observe holiday on 16.11.2017 as per Chairman,VMC orders due to the Honble'President India visit at AFS Adampur.

School timings
School timings will be 10.20am to 2.30pm w.e.f. 13.11.2017 till further orders.The same took place due to wide spread of smog in the area.

Change in School Timings
The school timings have been changed as
09.20 am to 3.30pm w.e.f.21.11.2017 onwards.

Pre Board-I
Pre Board-I will commence from 23.11.2017.All the parents are appealed to help their wards to prepare well for the same.

Study Camp during Winter Break
Study Camp for the students of classes XII and X is going on in the vidyalaya during Winter Break,w.e.f. 23.12.2017 to 06.12.2017.students are being taught with individual attention,sample papers,prev. years Board QPs are being solved and regular tests are being conducted for the academic betterment of the students.

Study Camp-Appeal to Parents
Dear parents are requested to send their wards for study camp for classes XII and X w.e.f. 23.12.2017 - 06.12.2017 during winter break 2017-18, thereby helping yours wards to improve academically in the forthcoming examinations.

Holiday on 22.01.2018
Vidyalaya will observe holiday on 22.01.2018 on account of Basant Panchmi.only class XII will have PBII exam on that date.Periodic Test of 22.01.2018 of classes VI toXI will be conducted on 23.01.2018.

Change in School Timings
The school timings have been changed from 09.20 am - 3.30pm to 10.00am - 3.10pm w.e.f.30.01.2018 onwards,till further orders. The decision has been taken as per the instructions issued by the Deputy Commissioner,Distt. Jalandhar, due to change in the weather conditions,keeping in view the safety and security of the children.

Holiday on 31.01.2018
Vidyalaya will observe holiday on 31.01.2018 on account of Shri Guru Ravidas Jayanti.

Holiday on 31.01.2018
Vidyalaya will observe holiday on 31.01.2018 on account of Shri Guru Ravidas Jayanti.

Contractual Appointment-2018-19
All the candidates desirous of applying for Contractual Teaching for the session 2018-19 in this vidyalaya are requested to read all the eligibility criteria for the post applied for by them available at KVS website(recruitment rules) kvsangathan.nic.in and bring all the necessary documents in original and photo
copies.Make yourselves available well before the interviews starts.And cooperate with the staff of the vidyalaya.

Holiday on 14.02.2018
Vidyalaya will observe Holiday on 14.02.2018 on account of Maha Shivratri on that Day.

Honble' PM'sInteraction with Students
This is hereby informed that there will be Honble' PM's Interaction with Students on 16.02.2018.This Programme will be Telecast on Doordarshan/AIR from 11.00AM onwards on 16.02.2018. Parents of students of classes IX to XII are hereby invited to witness this pogramme at our Vidyalaya.There will be a Councelling Session also for the parents that How they can help their Wards to reduce their Examination Stress.

Preparatory Leaves
Parents are informed that there will be preparatory leaves for the students w.e.f. 03.03.2018 till their examinations commence.The same has been approved by the Honb'le chairman,VMC,KV1,AFS,Adampur.

Session Ending Examination Result of Classes-I to XI
All the parents are requested to visit Vidyalaya on 27.03.2018 at 10.00 AM to collect the result of SEE of their wards.Bring a valid ID to produce at the AFS gate to get entry into the campus.

online Admissions-draw of Lots
All the paarents as well stake holders are hereby requested to assemble In Vidyalaya campus on dated 26.03.2018 for Online Draw of lots meant for admissions in Class-I for the Session 2018-19.

Re-exam of Class x and XII Board exam
It is informed that as per CBSE intimation the exam of Class X and XII board exam will be held again on 24.3.18 for Economics Class XII and 26.3.18 for Maths Class X.

Holiday on 02-04-2018
As per DM District Jalandhar Office orders , the schools of district Jalandhar will remain close on the account of Bharat Band tomorrow (02-04-2018). The classes will remain suspended in our vidyalaya also.

Postponement of CBSE Examination on 02-04-2018
Today's (02-04-2018) CBSE Examinations of Class X and XII have been postponed in centres located in Punjab till further orders.

Summer Vacations
The summer vacations for the session 2018-19 is commencing from 12.05.2018 and will be till 20.06.2018.The school will reopen on 21.06.2018.The parents are requested to help their wards to study well during holidays and revise the whole syllabus covered before the vacations.

World Environment Day 05 June 2018
For all the parents It is informed that the World Environment Day is being celebrated on 05 June 2018. Kindly aware the children and the people in the society for adopting measures to conserve environment in whatever way one may contribute e.g. planting more and more trees, not using plastic bags , awaring society, help in decreasing pollution wheather water,land,air or noise.All these efforts will go along way to preserve the environment for the ever healthy survival of the mankind and the future generations.

Admission Class XI
All concerned are informed that the registration for the class XI (Science,Commerce,Humanities)will be from 30.5.18 to 08.06.18 and admissions will start from 09.06.18.

Hiring of Kho-Kho Coach for Coaching Camp in the School campus
It is hereby informed that vide KVS RO (Chd.) letter No. F.16034/acad KVS-CR/2018-19/Sports dated 07 June 2018, U-14 Kho-Kho coaching camp is taking place in the Vidyalaya campus w.e.f. 19.6.2018 to 30.6.2018 in which U-14 , 12 participants are participating.The Kho-Kho coach having quite good experience in the field and played upto National are requested to apply till 11.6.2018, to work as Coach for the period of Coaching camp which is twelve days (19.6.2018 to 30.6.2018).Remuneration as per KVS norms.

Last Date for Admission for Class XI to KV Students is 30-06-2018 and for Non- KV Students is 25-06-2018
Last Date for Admission for Class XI to KV Students is 30-06-2018 and for Non- KV Students is 25-06-2018


Holiday on 25-09-2018
As per CM Punjab and DC Jalandhar order, the KVs of Jalandhar cluster will remain closed for 25 sep 2018. The Gigyasa event scheduled to be held tommorrow at kv suranussi is postponed till further order.

Winter Break Message
All the parents are hereby requested to motivate their wards to prepare well for after holidays examinations i.e. PT-II for classes III to VIII and XI and PB2 for classes X and XII.

For parents of Board Class Students
Parents of Board Class Students are especially requested to regularly monitor their wards regarding preparation of Board exams.e.g. weather they are solving prev.Board exams papers,CBSE sample Papers, laerning study materials alraedy distributed by the vidyalaya to them,following Home Time Table sincerely, avoiding excess of Mob. or using the same for only academic purpose.You are requested to keep in regular touch with the teachers in order to enhance your wards; academic performance.

Priksha Pe Charcha
All the students and parents especially of classes IX to XII are hereby informed that Honble' Prime Minister will have a live programme on 29.1.2019 reg.students preparation for their forthcoming examinations , which will be shown to the students of the vidyalaya on large screen.In this regard some contests have been arranged for the Students, their parents and Teachers .All the students and their parents are appealed to participate more and more in the said contests in the interest of the students of the vidyalaya. For detailed information
a banner in this respect has been displayed on the front page of this vidyalaya's website.

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